Special Requests

Our jewelry specialists will often be able to provide alternative gems or precious metals that are not shown on our website. For example, we have been able to offer the following to fit our customer needs and budgets:
 · Alternate colors, shapes, and sizes of sapphires, emeralds, and rubies
 · Semi-precious gems, including moissanites, aquamarines, morganites, and amethysts
In addition, we can also make modifications to any of our standard styles to fit your preferences. This includes the following:
 · Changing the finish from polish to matte
 · Adding finishing details, such as milgrain or hand engraving
 · Changing the width of the ring
 · Setting different diamond or sapphire accents
We also offer custom design so you can design a truly one of a kind piece to be cherished always. Contact us for any special requests!

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