Our Story

Janering, a original wedding ring custom brand born for love. Our story, our ring.

We created Janering-the original wedding ring custom brand in 2018, overturned the traditional jewelry production mode, and is famous for its emotional customization and original design.Customize your wedding ring from your love story.It’s not a ordinary ring, but a concentration of your priceless emotional experience.Everyone's love story is unique, only a condensed Jane quit janering can be interpreted.

In Janering, every piece of jewelry has an emotional imprint that is unique to you. Explore the individual needs of this era and deliver a romantic and unique brand image to the world.

Janering created the "emotional customization + original design" service, tailor-made wedding rings according to the bits and pieces of your love story. Each wedding ring is a condensate of your priceless emotional experience. There is emotion, story, and temperature.